Go West (1985)

Producer: Gary Stevenson

Track Listings.

Lyrics 1. We Close Our Eyes

Lyrics 2. Don't Look Down

Lyrics 3. Call Me

Lyrics 4. Eye To Eye

Lyrics 5. Haunted

Lyrics 6. S.O.S.

Lyrics 7. Goodbye Girl

Lyrics 8. Innocence

Lyrics 9. Missing Persons

Featured Musicians: Peter Cox, Richard Drummie, Dave West, Pino Palladino, Alan Murphy, Gary Stevenson, Graham Broad, Timmy Goldsmith, Katie Humble, Mel Collins, Neil Drake.

Comment: Go West's self-titled debut album was released to critical acclaim in 1985 and gave birth to four UK hit singles We Close Our Eyes, Call Me, Goodbye Girl and Don't Look Down (The Sequel). Eye To Eye was also lifted from the album, remixed and released as a single in the US.

This debut effort remains Go West's biggest selling album to date having sold around 1.5 million copies worldwide and, almost twenty years on, still sounds surprisingly fresh thanks to some great song writing and musical performances from all concerned, not to mention Gary Stevenson's superb work behind the mixing desk.