Dancing On The Couch (1987)

Producer: Gary Stevenson

Track Listings

Lyrics 1. I Want To Hear It From You

Lyrics 2. Little Caesar

Lyrics 3. Masque Of Love (Cox/Drummie/Murphy)

Lyrics 4. From Baltimore To Paris

Lyrics 5. True Colours

Lyrics 6. The King Is Dead

Lyrics 7. Chinese Whispers (Cox/Drummie/Murphy)

Lyrics 8. Let's Build A Boat

Lyrics 9. Crossfire (Cox/Drummie/Murphy)

Lyrics 10. Dangerous

Featured Musicians: Peter Cox, Richard Drummie, Alan Murphy, Dave West, Peter-John Vettesse, Pino Palladino, Graham Edwards, Chris Childs, Tony Beard, Graham Broad, Randy Brecker, Kate Bush, Mo Birch

Go Wests' second album proper was a far different beast to their all-singing, all-dancing debut. Gone were the poppy, hook-laden choruses replaced by a more mature and introspective tone. This was Go West for grown ups. The album was received indifferently by the record buying public following the relative failure of the singles True Colours and I Want To Hear It From You to make the same impact on the charts as those taken from the first album. A third single, The King Is Dead, also struggled to gain airplay and a proposed fourth release from the album, From Baltimore To Paris, was shelved just days before it was due in the shops.

If that sounds bad, then let me assure it is not all doom and gloom. This album effectively allowed Go West to reinvent themselves, moving them away from being seen as merely pop pin-ups with some catchy tunes to respected musicians and songwriters. Their growing maturity in the latter is evident right the way through this album, and the standards set in the production and musical departments would see Go West go on to be regarded as one of the most highly regarded musical outfits of their generation.