Live At The NEC


Producers: John Gallen, Richard Drummie, Go West, Gary Stevenson

Track Listing:

1. Don't Look Down

2. S.O.S.

3. Eye To Eye

4. Goodbye Girl

5. I Want To Hear It From You

6. Faithful (Cox/Drummie/Page)

7. What You Won't Do For Love (Caldwell/Kettner)

8. Call Me

9. A Taste Of Things To Come (Cox/Drummie/Campsie)

10. Tracks Of My Tears (Robinson/Moore/Tarplin)

11. The King Of Wishful Thinking (Cox/Drummie/Page)

12. The Sun And The Moon

13. We Close Our Eyes

14. Hangin' On For Dear Life

15. All Day, All Night

Featured Musicians: Peter Cox, Richard Drummie, Pete Adams, Jimmy Copley, Jaz Lochrie, Jim Williams, Mo Birch, Colin Campsie, Jaki Graham, Martin Drover, Frank Mead, Laurence Parry

The live recordings are competent enough and all of the songs performed have been slickly reproduced for a live crowd, but it is the two studio tracks that make this album a 'must have'.

Recorded at the Birmingham NEC show on Go West's Aces and Kings tour in 1993, the release of this album on the Blueprint label in 2001 came as something of a surprise to fans as it appeared to all and sundry that, following the release of Peter's first solo album in 1997, that Go West were all but wound up as a creative force.Whilst the release of a live album years after it was recorded is not an uncommon occurrence in the music business, the inclusion of two new studio recordings - All Day, All Night and Hangin' On For Dear Life - really sparked up interest in Go West again, with the former song being released as a single in it's own right.